Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes In 2018 For Your Brother

Bhai Dooj: It is a festival that every sister waits throughout the year. On this day, a sister gives her blessing to her brother(s). In addition, Bhai Dooj also reminds a brother of his duty to protect the sister. This festival is celebrated on the last day of five day long Diwali.

Here some of the trending and latest bhai dooj wishes 2018 that a sister can greet her brother with. These wishes focus on the sanctity of a brother-sister relationship. They also try to remind brother and sisters of how unique and holy their relation is.

Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes 2018
Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes 2018

Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes For Your Brother In English-

  • Your love for me makes me feel happy.
    So on this special day I wish to shout it loud
    to say Happy BHAI DOOJ my brother…!!
  • Another Bhai Dooj has come to celebrate
    Another new year to live!
    To remove all probelm, sadness, and fear,
    To love and laugh a lot!
    Happy bhai dooj to my dear little brother!
  • Praying for you to live long and healthy
    on this Bhai Dooj and always.
    Have a wonderful Bhai Dooj my bro.
  • This means a lot of to have you around,
    Just like your presence everything appears so easy,
    God may bless you bro.
    Happy Bhai Dooj….
  • Siblings are just like streetlights across the road,
    it normally won’t make distance any shorter but
    they illuminate the road making the walk easier.
    Happy Bhai Dooj
  • You can say your problem;
    You can share your fears;
    And you can share your happiness
    I am grateful to have a brother as well as friend like you!
    Happy Bhaiya Dooj!
  • I feel really so lucky and bless
    to have a lovely brother like you in my life.
    You like a true friend are always there when I need you.
    Thank u my Brother and have a happy Bhaidooj.
  • We may be too far from each other,
    but you are always in my heart.
    On the festival of Bhaidooj,
    memorize that seet memories that we spent together.
    Happy Bhaidooj mere bhai!
  • You know that you are the most precious gem
    in the collection of my secret gem-box..
    Wishing you a very Happy Bhai Dooj
    and best of luck for this ocassion.
  • To the out side earth we all get old,
    However , we all know each other as we normally were.
    We know each other’s heart.
    We all live outside the touch of time.
    Happy Bhai Dooj!
  • Praying for your long life and good health
    on this Bhai Dooj and always
    Have a wondeful Bhai Dooj.
  • You were always my best buddy,
    watching out for me, making sure that
    the way I journeyed was clear.
    Even if I searched the worldwide,
    I will not get a better brother than you.
    Happy Bhai Dooj
  • God Sent you In My Life A Beautiful
    bro In Your Guise, Sister.
    In Happy Times Or Bad moments,
    You’ be always Ready To Open up Your
    Help And Guidance. Thanks For
    All You Do. Happy Bhai Dooj..
  • Your love makes me feel excited.
    And on this special day I wish to tell it very loud.
    Happy BHAI DOOJ my bro.
  • My brother is my best friend.
    You give support me when I am being alone,
    you make feel happy when I fell down.
    Thanks for being with me always Dear Brother.
    Happy Bhaidooj.

Vai Dooj Wishes In Hindi For 2018-

  • बेहेन चहे भाई का प्यार,
    नही चहे महंगे उधर,
    ऋषि अतूत रहे साडीयन टेक,
    माइल मात्र भाई को खुशियायन अपार
    हैप्पी भाई दोोज।
  • खुष्नासिब होती है वो भैन
    जिस्की सर प्रति भाई का है हॉट है
    उसकी परेशानी में यूके साथ होता है
    लद्दा झगडना फ़िर प्यार से मणाना
    तभी से ऋषि मे इटना प्यार हो है
    हैप्पी भाई दोोज।
  • भाई लगाती तिलक, फिर मिठाई है खलील
    भाई देटा पैसा या भाई है मस्कुरती
    भाई भाई का ये ऋषा ना पेड कब खोना
    मेरी प्यारी भैना मुबारक हो आपको भाई दोोज
    हैप्पी भाई दोोज।
  • प्रेम और विश्व के के बंधन को मनाओ
    जो दुआ आमो, यूसे तुम पाओ
    भेदुज का tyohar है, भाईया jaldo aao
    अपनी प्यारी बेहना से तिलक लगावाओ।
    हैप्पी भेदुज
  • भेदुज के पावन परव बराबर
    ईश्वर से कामना करते रहे
    मेरे भाई का घर कररोबार
    खुशाली से सार्थते रहे।
  • भेदुज का tyohaar
    यकीन है खास
    युन हाय बनी रहे हेमेश
    हमारे ऋषि की मिठास हैं।
    भेदुज की शुभकामनायिन।

SMS Collection-

  • I absolutely treasure the great realtionship we share.
    It’s so precious,unique and rare.
    So when an event like Bhai Dooj arrives
    If only for you personally every happiness and pray it lingers lengthy.
  • To the prettiest sister of the world,
    Thanks sister for always being there on my small side
    as well as for helping me in individuals infinite ways which
    I am unable to even remember. Happy Bhai Dooj.
  • Sky’s blue, feel this colors,
    My love is perfect for you Bhaiya and always true.
    Lots of Good Wishes for Bhai Dooj.
  • Wish that this Bhai Dooj increase our bond
    more than ever before and give happiness and wealth.
    Best wishes for Bhai Dooj.
  • Bhai Dooj is just an reason for me to show how much
    You mean in this world to me. Happy Bhai Dooj
  • Time Changes Every thing…
    But it has only Enhanced & tight our bond…!!
    Happy Bhai Dooj!!
  • On Bhai dooj day I want to tell u,
    Your being there things, all over the place I go,
    On this great celebration I wish to say,
    Thank you brother for coming in my way!
    Happy Bhai Dooj..!!


  • I want to tell you, we fought many times,
    and during that moment
    my mood was in a different,
    but not my love
    Happy Bhai Dooj BROTHER!
  • We always gain and lose things every moments.
    But trust me on one thing.
    You’ll never lose me.
    Because I will always be here.
    Happy Bhai Dooj.
  • Bai bahen ka pyaar
    ye pyara toyhar,
    shari duniya mai iski gunj,
    sabako happy bhaiya dooj.
  • Bhai Dooj Ko Sabhi Bhaiyo Aur Behano Ko
    Hardik Shubhkamnaye…..
    Happy Bhaiya Dooj..!!
  • Dear brother, may all your dreams come true
    May this Bhaidooj bring
    all the special things for you.
    Happy Bhai Dooj.

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